A downloadable virtual museum for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Digital Pierrot Museum is a free digital museum presenting the experience of navigating through a museum of digital and multimedia art through a virtual setting. This project is designed to give the audience a live adventure of the whole museum experience. This museum will promote digital art, contemporary art and virtual experiences. The floor plan and the architecture of the museum is devised so the audience can fully immerse in the experience, get lost, and interact. It’s an open virtual space in which multimedia artists can join our vision of making art accessible to everyone. Our goal is to promote art, technology and multimedia and to provide an open space to integrate and incorporate these mediums into the virtual experience of the museum. Using Unity Game engine to power up the museum experience, we are trying to further enhance the interactivity and the adventure of the museum for purely educational purposes. The virtual museum offers:

  • Permanent Digital Art Exhibition – Pierrot Lunaire – A Performance of the Self - An exhibition of digital artworks comprised of illustrations and accompanying poems for the cycle Pierrot Lunaire: rondels bergamasques by Belgian poet Albert Giraud. Interact with the artworks to read the poems!
  • Alter Gallery – A gallery open to other digital artists to concept and develop their digital exhibitions and integrate their medium into the museum. Right now, we are a collective of 10 Albanian digital artists and we intend to keep inviting other artists along the way.
  • Blue Theatre – A theater designed to visualize an ongoing database of movies and performances of young local directors and performance artists.
  • 360° Room – This room is suitable for incorporating 360° performances, virtual video projections, audio-video performances, and other multimedia mediums.
  • Meeting Space – a meditative place.
  • Archive – a room in which you can browse more information regarding the museum functions.
  • Interactive Floor – interactive floor, find the green tile and complete the melody to uncover the piece!
  • Ripple Offices- Interact with the laptops to check out more information on our team!


DPM Browser Version
DPM-Pc-vr.zip 357 MB
DPM-Oculus-quest.apk 379 MB

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